Aall Stamps & Collectibles in Milltown New Jersey is a retail establishment serving the entire collector community, selling and buying collectibles and collectors supplies. We also service the corporate community with special gifts. Our products include a vast stock of stamps, on and off cover, Postcards, Sports and Non-sports cards back to the turn of the 20th century, Coins, Worlds Fair, Avon, Entertainment, Wildlife, Scouting, Elvis, Political, Sports, Military and Space Memorabilia.

pennyblack.jpg (2527 bytes)Our stamp stock has material for all collectors from beginner to advanced, as well as for exhibitors and investors. Timewise, we cover the entire gamut from the first postage stamp ever issued by Great Britain in 1840, right up to the present time. Geographically, we cover the entire world including entities that are no longer in existence. Of course we have more specialized United States material than any other because it is in most demand, and again we cover the entire time span from the early classics, including the first U.S. issue of 1847, right up to date.

errorstamp.jpgOur stock includes both used and unused stamps, blocks, complete sets, mint sheets and stamps on cover. We also have an extensive inventory of error stamps, including inverted centers, missing colors and perforations, spectacular color shifts and misperforations and many others. In addition, we have an abundant stock of topical sets and covers covering such subjects as scouting, wildlife, transportation, sports, entertainment, Americana, etc., as well as New Issues from Canada, China, Israel and United Nations.

drac.gif (55645 bytes)We also feature a stock of tens of thousands of U.S. and worldwide covers of all types, including first day covers from the 1920's to date, many with classic cachets including the first Linn, presidential inaugurals going back to Grover Cleveland's second term in 1893, flights, fancy cancels, ship cancels, RPO and HPO, advertising, military, including W.W.II patriotics, and space covers, plus a good selection of postal history with classic early issue stamps and special cancels. A possibly unique piece of postal and E-mail history in our current inventory is a "Speed Mail" letter dated November 1, 1960 from PMG Summerfield to Chicago PM Schroeder, asserted to be the first electronic transmission of U.S. Mail and thus the forerunner to both E-mail and Express Mail.

bridge.jpgA complement to our stamp stock is an inventory of about 10,000 postcards, most printed prior to 1920 in beautiful color, from every corner of the globe, portraying every imaginable topic. Postcard collecting has always been very popular and that popularity seems to be ever increasing. In addition to individual pieces, our inventory also includes a wide array of packets, lots and collections, and even valid US postage at a discount from face value.

Other collectibles you will find at Aall Stamps and Collectibles include Coins, Sports and Non-sports Cards going back to the turn of the twentieth century and many pieces of sports memorabilia, Worlds Fair collectibles, material by Rose O'Neill and other popular illustrators, entertainment memorabilia including Disney and Elvis material, a variety of political collectibles and an assortment of miscellaneous ephemera. There is also a wide selection of supplies, accessories and gifts for all collectors. In addition to selling, we buy all kinds of collectibles from the public.

In addition to selling, we buy collectibles from the public and help those with larger holdings get the best return. There are generally 3 ways to sell your collection:

Outright sale to us. There is no appraisal or other fee for this type of transaction.
Sale of the entire holding by Private Treaty to one individual. There is a 20% commission for our finding the individual and handling the transaction.
Sale of the holding by Auction. Again, we will handle the entire transaction for a fee of 20% of the realized price.
Many collections will do best by using a combination of these methods. We handle this also but must charge a fee equal to 30% of the realization because of the added time and expense involved. However, many collections will do best this way.

We will work with you to decide which option will work best for you.

If you want only an appraisal and do not either sell your collection to us or use another of the services described above, there is an appraisal fee of 5% of the appraised value, with a minimum fee of $25. We may waive this fee for small holdings which can be quickly evaluated.

We will supply the best available material at the best prices!

Your collection will be a source of great pride for you and enjoyed by all who see it.